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    Jesus Christ is the Savior for the entire humanity. He is the only way to heaven. No other way can take you to heaven because it was Jesus who gave the people redemption from their sin by shedding his blood in Calvary. Only through that blood there is redemption from sin.

     We can be saved only by his blood. In Bible, the book of John, in chapter 1, verse 12 says," … he gave the right to become God’s Children to everyone who believed in him", therefore if you believe him, you are recognized as his child. It was Jesus who came as light of the world.

    Its ridiculous portraying all lights to be God. He shed his very blood to save these people he didn’t threaten them to serve him as God.

    In order to exalt you, he died. He is standing at the doors of your heart. If you accept him in your heart, he’ll enter into your heart and give you peace, joy and success in Life.

He’ll exalt you to great heights.

May the good Lord bless you…

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